Who's Fuffa?

Fuffa is Faustina Reyna Rúgolo. She's a gift (from Mumma), a sun, a fate. She's my agapē. She became a lens, my lens. Now I see the world through her and she defines what's wrong and what's right.


I was born in 1971, in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. I studied systems information in ORT Technical Schools, a post-secondary Institute of Technology and I hold a degree...read more

Why this?

Is not easy to explain. This is another gift from Mumma. The love for cats. Some years ago I adopted Bonita. She was a black cat with a difficult temperament but I really love her. read more

About me

Fuffa's Father|| Mumma's Husband || Information Systems Analyst || Psychoanalyst